My Day in Odessa TX

My family and I love to visit Odessa, Texas, whenever we are feeling like going on a day trip. My children love visiting the giant statue of Jack Ben Rabbit, an 8-foot tall jackrabbit statue. There is a lot of this kind of figures throughout the city, and there are times we love to wander and try to pick them out as we walk around.

Taking the time to wander through a city playing a scavenger hunt with your little ones is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Another spot we visit almost every time we visit Odessa is the Stonehenge Replica at the University of Texas. Though I’m sure the real thing is far more awe-inspiring, it’s still a cool thing to see with your family.

If you want to plan your trip ahead of time and be sure there will be something of interest going on while you are in town, check out the Odessa Chamber of Commerce page to see a calendar of events.

It might also be a good idea to click here to find all the locations of the jackrabbit statues if you plan on making a scavenger hunt of your own. The site also tells you where to find the Chris Kyle statue, and other sites in the city.


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